Look out this New Year, because I am ready! January 13 2013, 0 Comments


My mantra.  That is what I continue to tell myself.  Believe in the goodness and prosperity The New Year has.  I believe in all the possibilities for this wonderful year.  (I keep telling myself this one.) Looking back on the past year, yes it has been another tough year, but the past year was a good year in a lot of ways.  My oldest daughter, Larissa, got married to a wonderful guy, Les.  Sara, the youngest, has grown and learned valuable lessons.  It has shown me with all the struggle that I have had over the year I experienced that there are still wonderful people in this world.   I, myself, have grown and explored territories that I have only dreamed of.  This New Year has given me the belief that I can accomplish all of these wonderful things that I could only dream of such as my dreams of a job that I wouldn't think of as work, the ability to help others and be able to bless them, and countless other things that will come out as the year unfolds.  So stay tuned to all that wonderful goodness that is sure to come. So now back to the usual humor.  I know you have been waiting for it. I found actually kind of stole it from the Shabby Cowgirl Facebook post.

out of clutter quote

  That Albert didn’t know me.  Mmmmmmm…..  Maybe he is trying to tell me something. I don’t think I heard him. Well let’s see clutter I have.  Ooops did I say that?   Yeah I have the clutter.  I am a repurposer, so I feel that so many things have possibilities so hence the clutter.  So simplicity out of clutter; maybe I need to work on that one. Discord.  Can I say life?  Yeah.  Finding harmony….  Mmmmmm…. Can I get back to you on this one? Opportunity.  I should have a lot of that!  Of course I am working on the opportunities.  Those can be pretty plentiful this year if I want. So I say to you and Albert ~ look out this New Year, because I am ready!