Ugly Duckling February 02 2012, 0 Comments

Yes it was quite an ugly duckling.  In fact it wasn't the only one.  It was triplets.  Triplets you may say.  I know, talking out of my head again.  You see, I went to the auction and was actually loading up when the triplets came up.  No one wanted them... that is until I saw them..  Yep you guessed it, I got them all for one money.  Well needless to say it was love.   You know what I mean...  the just have to get it and see how I can rescue it kind of love.
Well it has taken some major TLC to make something pretty amazing with this ugly duckling.  I sanded her down.  It was like giving her a really good bath.  And I decided since it was a relatively hard wood, that I wood give her a pickle finish.  Yes it is a her.  Because that ugly duckling will be beautiful.  So on with the rest of the story.  I liked the pickle but decided i wanted to tone it down a bit.  I like it what I would call dirty.  Yes a dirty pickle.  Haha.  Really talking out of my head now.  Well dirtying it up a bit help to tone down the white pickle.Next I had to give her new electrical.  So now she would feel all new. Then I did repurpose a lamp shade and it did sit there for about two weeks.  It just didn't do it for me.  So I decided to get another lamp shade and embellish it a bit.  I added some burlap rosettes and leaves.  I was so happy with the end result. She is now sitting at Nest Interiors in Ponchatoula waiting for her new home.  I am sure someone will take it and put her to very good use.