Cake Balls and Tomato Sauce July 29 2011, 0 Comments

Lori's note:  love this post, but need to break this up in to two posts: one for tomato basil simmering sauce and another for the cake balls.
Yes it was a day of Sweet Potato Spice Cake Balls and Tomato Basil Simmering Sauce.  But let me tell you how it all started.  It started at the produce stand.  Really now, no joke.  I went to the local produce stand to buy one case of canners.   I was actually supposed to pick one up the day before but when I got there they were closed.  So I went back yesterday to see if they had any.  The owner told me to go look at some tomatoes that were on their way out.  I ended up with two cases and when I asked how much I owe and he said we would work it out later.  WOW!!! Free!!!  I don't know about you but that is my favorite.So I made it to the house so I could sift through the tomatoes and ended up with roughly 40 pounds of tomatoes between the two cases.  So then it was time to boil water to dip the tomatoes in to make them easier to peel and chop.  This is waht 40 pounds of chopped tomatoes look like.
Doesn't look like 40 pounds.  After cooking and reducing the sauce and adding all the other wonderful herbs, sundried tomatoes and roasted garlic I ended up with 15 pints of wonderful yummy goodness.  See above for the finished product.Now you are probably asking what did you do while you were waiting for the sauce to simmer.  Well a few weeks ago I came up with a recipe for a cake while sleeping.  That puts new meaning to working 24/7.  And then I decided I would incorporate it into a cake ball.  I know crazy stuff.  So I started my experiment in true Comfort Farm style.  Let me tell you I thought it was the moistest cake.  Then I crumbled it up and added the homemade cream cheese icing.  Then rolled and dipped.  Pure yumminess in a ball.  Of course I am somewhat biased.  If anything I thought they would make a good photo prop. That was just part of my day.  Read on in my repurposed life for the rest of my day.