Busy, Busy, Busy July 11 2011, 0 Comments

Some days it just seems like you don't get much accomplished, but if you sit back and actually look at it you see you have accomplished more than you thought. I first started the morning out with an iced coffee and decided how I would actually tackle my day.  Some think that being unemployed that I sit around and eat bon bons all day.  There is nothing farther from the truth.  I think I may actually work harder than I do when I am actually employed. I first started my red beans so they could slowly simmer.  Next I prepared my tomatoes for the simmer sauce.  All the tomatoes needed to peeled and chopped.  Once all of that was started I then began on some signs that I want to include at Nest Interiors this week.   I decided to start with my Believe Slate  which is  similar to the one that I sold last week.  Also I am working on a new Strawberry sign. This sign when finished it will look sort of old and antiquey looking.  I am kind of partial to this style of signs.  While the signs were drying I decided to work on some Blueberry Scones.  I love making scones.  The butter and heavy cream has this wonderful smell.  And when they come out the oven they smell even more delicous... That was my itinerary pretty much for the day.  Of course that didn't include the feeding of the critters, the washing and putting up the dishes and any of the other daily things that I ave going on.  So I think I can safely say that I was a little busy today.